• You and the Internet of Things: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Integrating the IoT into Your Daily Life

  • What is You and the Internet of Things?

    Published by Self-Counsel Press, You and the Internet of Things is my newest book focused on living in the changing digital landscape of the current world, where everything is connected to everything else. What are the risks? What are the benefits?

    As a result of advances in sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation and augmented reality, the Internet landscape is undergoing massive change. It’s no longer just about accessing information via electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. From toasters to transit systems, we are now in the age of the Internet of Things where interconnected devices and objects are fully networked and communicate data back and forth. Devices and objects learn from these data exchanges and adapt and respond to our personal needs and preferences.

    From “smart” houses to “smart” cars, from cashless banking to wearable sensors that gather personal health data, new technological innovations and the Internet of Things is integrated with nearly all aspects of daily living, impacting health, home, transportation, shopping, travel and entertainment. Soon, everything with be “smart”.

    What does this mean for you? This book is a guide to understanding the way soon-to-be common technologies affect your daily life and how to use these technologies for increased safety, security, convenience, and quality of life. If you are a mainstream user of technology, part of the sandwich generation, or a baby boomer trying to navigate the IoT age, this book is your roadmap.

  • Places to Purchase

    You and the Internet of Things was released on April 2 2020, and is available on Amazon. You and the Internet of Things is also available in most major bookstores and some independents. Please request it at your local bookstore!

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