• Kim LouiseThe one where Kim explains the soul blueprint and Vicki pays attention.

    In this week’s Everyday Happiness podcast Kim Louise Easterbrook spills on how numbers can lead the way to insight, awareness and success – in life or business. Kim Louise is an intuitive numerologist, and she aligns the flow of soul, purpose, career, business and environment through numerology readings, business feng shui and interior styling.

    A few years ago I found myself feeling ‘stuck’ and reluctant to spend any time in my home office. Like most entrepreneurs, I know this can happen from time to time, and have always had lots of strategies to rekindle motivation (hint: discipline and habit are the magic sauce). This time, though, something was different.

    Through a lucky (hm) referral, I met Kim Louise. One office redo and two readings later and Kim Louise is a permanent resource to my business. I’ve never looked back. My office is gorgeous. The flow works, and the energy is perfect.

    Next month Kim Louise is coming by to do an intuitive numerological reading for my team at Main Street Communications. I’m insanely curious to find out how our soul blueprints work together.  We are already on such a juicy path. What might possibly be next?

    Trust me, a blog post will follow :)

    Meantime, tune into this week’s show by clicking here. 30 intriguing minutes!

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    How about you? Where do you find yourself stuck at home or work?