• Passion PurposeThe one where we find out what is really in your heart and how to express it in the world.

    In this week’s Everyday Happiness podcast, we’re trying to figure out how to take passion and turn it into a purpose. We can get very passionate about stuff, right?

    We care.

    We care about our businesses, we care about our customers, we care about the world at large, we care about causes,  we care about our kids. The list is almost endless. This month,  I’ve been interviewing people who are passionate about what they do in the world, and trying to figure what makes them tick.

    Or should I say what makes us tick? I’m passionate too.

    It’s been kind of the lifelong mission to figure out how to take my passion(s) and turn them into a purpose that has meaning, and a way of living, (or even better, earning a living).

    This kind of mission requires a really deep dive. We have to be willing to get in there and figure out what it is that lies our hearts to do. We have to be rigorous, and willing to cut through the layers of social conditioning and expectations and really show up in who we are. Fully. This is not easy.

    It also means changing our behavior, or our perception of ourselves or of others in relationship to ourselves.

    In this month’s podcast I quote from Oriah Mountain Dreamer.  In her book, The Invitation, she makes a pretty compelling call for us to step into our own brilliance. What I know is that stepping into our own brilliance brings with it it’s opposites:  confusion, fear, and failure.

    Can we be with our own brilliance? Can we be with our own failure?

    I’m passionate about finding out. Join me for 30:00 minutes on the podcast where passion meets purpose and they figure out how to get along. Includes a handy-dandy exercise at about the 20:00 min mark you can do at home :)

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    So, how about it? What are you passionate about?