• Rebecca ColemanThe one where Rebecca dishes on social media and relationships. Yummy.

    How is technology changing the way we form friendships, conduct romance, and connect? What are the risks in ‘putting it out there’ online?
    Or are we just hiding behind a mask, cropping and filtering our ‘real’ lives and faking it to look good online?
    In this week’s Everyday Happiness episode, I interview Rebecca Coleman of the Art of the Business.
    I must admit, I’m a fangirl of Rebecca’s. I think she offers some of the sanest and most credible information available on navigating social media and the digital highway.
    Rebecca teaches Social Media at the B.C. Institute of Technology and is well known as a social media strategist, blogger, and food and travel writer.
    We’re in our PJ’s exploring the world of relationships and social media.
    Grab a coffee and join the conversation. Just click here for 30 minutes of #everydayhappiness.

    Me, Rebecca Coleman, Kemp Edmonds and Michael Zipursky on the panel at CIMC2015

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    Would love to hear your thoughts on managing relationships in the digital space. Comment below!