• Everybody has a passion --- some of us have more than one. I’m passionate about great food - also about a happy everyday life. I find happiness and express my passion in the kitchen. It’s my happy place, my zen place, the place where I know I’m home. Welcome to my kitchen.

    I share it with some like-minded kindred spirits. We call ourselves the Kitchenettes. We’re glad you are here. 

  • Romantic Turkey Scallopini, Freekeh, and Avocado Truffles.

    Here’s a lovely Valentines Day post from our favourite Kitchenette, Lorene Stuart. She’s introducing us to her Valentine’s tradition - the romantic dinner at home, and she cooked up a storm this year for her darling. A freekeh storm. Don’t know what freekeh is? Read on. I loved that part --- even better though, is her recipe for avocado truffles - that’s right, delicious, chocolatey

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    Classy Chicken Comfort Food

    Kitchenette Lorene brings us one of her family favourites, complete with comfort food contentment in this version of Classy Chicken. Perfect midwinter fare or a simple Sunday supper. Thanks Lorene!  From Lorene: Comfort food (according to Wikipedia) is food which provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the consumer, and is often characterized by a high carbohydrate level and simple

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    Recipes from an Italian Kitchen

    It’s midwinter on the wet, west coast where I live, and  we are having those kind of dark, gloomy days that simply cry out for cosy jammies, snuggles, and comfort food. As I type this, the house is filled with the robust aroma of Ragu Bolognese. My beloved is steaming up the kitchen, trying his hand at a recipe from an Italian cookery magazine he got in his Christmas stocking from Santa (aka

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    Picnic Perfect Broccoli Summer Salad

    Here’s another FAB summer recipe from Kitchenette Lorene. We got up to some serious picknickery this summer and Lorene and her hubby (Mr. Kitchenette) brought this delicious broccoli salad as their contribution. As an added bonus, the broccoli was from her backyard vegetable garden. (Yes, she can be a bit of a show-off.  We love that about her). And did I mention, it includes bacon? Yes,

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    Stretch Your Dollars

    Kitchenette Lorene is here this week with a few fun ways to try new products without spending any money. And what could be more fun than that? Yes, I am the Queen of Thrift. I come by it honestly. My mom could find deals with the precision and grace of a ninja. She never bought anything that wasn't on sale and would not buy things just because they were either. But, her favourites, by far,

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    The Goodness of Vinegar

    It’s a rainy Sunday in July. A perfect time for some home truths (and handy household tips) from Kitchenette Lorene. I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Thrift. Nothing makes me happier than finding ways to make things last longer. If I were noble, I would say that everything I do is with the environment in mind, but ... I love to save money so the environment thing is a happy consequence.

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