• Everybody has a passion --- some of us have more than one. I’m passionate about great food - also about a happy everyday life. I find happiness and express my passion in the kitchen. It’s my happy place, my zen place, the place where I know I’m home. Welcome to my kitchen.

    I share it with some like-minded kindred spirits. We call ourselves the Kitchenettes. We’re glad you are here. 

  • Sharing the Sourdough Love

      Back in January, pre-pandemic, my dear friend Fred Armstrong traveled across the Salish Sea to visit us for  a weekend.  Along with his sister Terry, and bountiful good humour, he brought me some sourdough starter. He knows I am a devoted cook, and the kitchen is my happy place. Learning to make my own bread has been  a joy-- it has also been a comfort-- both nourishing to the

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    On Saying No to Shortbread: 5 Tips for a Saner Holiday

    One of my coaching clients recently posted a question in our online group about how to be good to yourself during the especially hectic holiday season. This post has stayed with me, and I have been pondering it while on vacation in beautiful Arizona. This year hubby and I chose to take a month off and have our Christmas holidays away from home and from most of our family and friends. We were

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    Craving Comfort Food While Sneezing into Spring? Bring on the Meatloaf.

    Springtime! What pictures come to your mind? Flowers, sunny days, green lawns, longer evenings for long walks perhaps? Yes, I envision those too but the reality is, sometimes there are storms and rain and dreary days. Then, of course, there are all the pollens and other lovely flying things in the air that create havoc for those of us who suffer from airborne allergies. On days like those, I

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    Baked Shrimp a la New Orleans (with a little Kitchenette Twist)

    "Where yer at?" Kitchenette Lorene might greet you with when in New Orleans.  Your reply? "Aw-rite." (Basically it is "How are you" and "Fine thanks".) What do you think about when we say "New Orleans"? I think of great music like Jazz and Dixieland, cobblestone streets, the French Quarter, and, of course, lots of seafood. As a kid, I had the privilege of spending a few days there

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    Spring Already? Time for Gluten-Free Oven-Fried Chicken

    Happy Spring Everyone! Kitchenette Lorene here to share one of my favourite recipes for quick meals, picnics, lunches - well, whatever suits your needs. With prices of food soaring, it is getting more challenging to find inexpensive meals to cook. Recently, our local market had chicken legs on sale for a bargain so I bought three family packs and headed home. I was quite proud of myself until

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    Easter Bunnied Eggs

    Think that Easter treats are just about chocolate bunnies, chicks and eggs? Think again. Kitchenette Lorene is back with a clever twist on an old favourite. "Here comes Peter Cotton Tail Hopping down the Bunny Trail" Those lyrics take me back to Easter morning (after church of course) hunting for the treats left behind by the Easter Bunny himself. Do you find yourself  singing that song

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