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  • "She had me at “Tom’s.” the answer she gave to the ice-breaker, “what are you obsessing over?” that Alexandra Franzen asked 10 or so strangers gathered around her kitchen table for a “Make a Tiny Book” workshop.
    Vicki was sitting to Alex’s right, a prime spot, except when it puts you on the spot, to ponder the response that can make or break fateful first impressions.
    She hesitated. Then she said it: “Tom’s.” In one word, she’d set me free. I could relax and confess that I'd been obsessing over a new hat.
    Turns out, there was depth behind what Vicki deemed to be seen as a shallow response. (I just wanted the hat.) Just as there is depth behind the Tiny Book she created. In it, she tells the story of how Tom’s shoes have helped her cross the threshold from her 50’s to 60‘s... and how another obsession, the idea of #untrending, can help us consider social media as a time capsule of sort, a platform where we place our desire for connection, beauty, truth and meaning.
    I loved every bit of her thought-provoking book... from the title to the Tom’s, to the hashtags sprinkled throughout: #makemeaning #getreal #therealthing #sharethelove #allthegoodness #everydayhappiness #jomo #solitude #everydaysacred #everydaymagic
    Thank you, @vickimcleod for getting the stories within you, out of you. by doing so, you’re encouraging us to do the same." - Denese 

  • "Are you looking for a new book to read? Here is a good one: #‎Untrending is a must-read especially if you looove checking your social media feeds. Thanks Vicki McLeod for writing this beautiful tiny book! Happy reading!
    Btw: Even if you're not looking for a new read, get it anyway...it's worth it!" - Christina Waschko

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  • "Vicki's book is a must read .....refreshing and encouraging view of social media." - Ernie Daykin

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  • This little book will get you on the right track for navigating your digital life. Thanks Vicki for sharing your wisdom, know how and heartfelt truths of our online life!! You complimented my morning espresso and now my cup filleth over" - Dominic Kotarski

  • "#Untrending is more of a meditation. Much of it reads like poetry. There’s a flow to it." - Rebecca Coleman

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  • "I just devoured #‎UNTRENDING - It's a beautiful book with pages you can color / colour!
    The BEST advice (and also why you'll never hear me bitching or complaining here)...
    "What if every post you made was a forever-post?"
    Think about that. Every post you write will live forever. FOREVER. (!!!)
    What if you DIE right after your last post. Will you want the last post of your life to be a rant about Trump? A complaint about the shitty service you just experienced at the mall? Moaning about your latest ailment?
    Or will you spread joy instead? What makes you happy?
    What will you write on your cave wall?
    Get the book!" - Jacqueline Fisch


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