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    What is a heart-centred business?

    It's one that aligns with your authentic self, so that doing business is a joy, selling and marketing are easy, and you never have to worry about being ‘off-brand.’ It’s blissful. Also, free!

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  • Happy Customers...

    Attending Vicki McLeod’s Find Your Business Bliss program was a terrific catalyst for my work. Through the self-paced modules, I was able to explore my motivation, inspiration and commitment to my business. I recommend this course for both new and established business owners to connect with the reasons that drive professional efforts.  We all need to understand and connect with “why”! -Angela



    Vicki has done a phenomenal job in offering this free online course! I've done many courses, both paid and unpaid and this has been by far the best! FYBB is a grand example of "Under promise, over deliver!" Thanks Vicki. I know about my dream- discovering my metaphors and "what's flirting with you" was new to me! Oh so appreciated it! Thank you Vicki & congratulations on a job well done! -Christina Waschko, owner of Motherpreneur Productions/ Video services