• Multipreneurs face a hard truth. It goes like this: we are basically as busy as we want to be.

    We have ideas. Lots of them. Even our ideas have ideas.

    While, personally, I dig the idea of being an idea generation machine (see, there’s an example of an idea having an idea right there), what I know is that there’s a way that we become hostages of these ideas. Our FOMO – or  Fear Of Missing Out – drives us into a frenzy of trying to act on every idea that we have.

    This is the tricky part. We want to keep generating ideas. Not only is it counterproductive to stop – after all, every great initiative was born as an idea –  your creative muscles need the workout.  The ideas themselves aren’t counterproductive – it is the urge to act on them all that causes us grief.

    Idea Box

    Many years ago I came up with a strategy to release my struggle with the idea-demons. I write ’em down and stick them in a recipe box.

    Old school, I know.

    But it works. Once in awhile I have to sit on the box to get it to stay shut, but otherwise it’s great and the ideas are safe and snug inside.

    Translating this method into the digital realm (if you insist), I highly recommend Evernote. Very groovy way to keep track of just about everything online. If you are curious about the ins and outs of Evernote, visit Steve Dotto at Dotto Tech for the skinny.

    Knowing that the ideas aren’t going anywhere, frees us from having to suck up precious time recklessly pursuing them. We get to remain in the flow of whatever it was we were doing when the idea popped up.

    In the flow. Zenlike, no?

    Yes, Grasshopper. From a mindfulness perspective, this is a nifty little strategy. We acknowledge the idea (awareness), we resist the urge to follow it (presence) and we honour our human-ness in allowing the idea some breathing space, safely tucked away in its little box.

    Then, when the time is right – presto! The ideas are at hand.

    Have an idea for an idea box? Let’s hear it.

    PS – Not paid to endorse Evernote or Steve Dotto. Just happen to like both of them. Very much.


    "The ideas themselves aren't counterproductive - it is the urge to act on them all that causes us grief."

    So true! And what a relief to be told that I don't need to act on all of them!


    Oh so awesome that you 'got' that, Jenn. Now, full permission to NOT act.