• Steve-Robinson-SocioVisual-tech-Rabbits1The one where Steve puts the digital shoe on the other foot.

    I don’t know about you, but one of the things I love about being a multipreneur is that it is so darn interesting. Being able to explore multiple passions allows for an ever-expanding constellation of contacts, connections and collaborations.

    Like attracts like. In my galaxy there are a number of bright sparks happily orbiting around big ideas, projects and passions.  This week on the Everyday Happiness podcast we’re launching a series on ‘People and Their Passions’. It’s no surprise that many of these people are multipreneurs.

    The series debuts with an interview with Creative Technologist, Steve Robinson of Sociovisual Communications. That is his real title. He fills us in on what the job description is and offers insight on the ‘web-olution’ in digital media.

    He’s a bright spark in cyberspace and is always seeking out and finding new ways to apply his many talents, particularly when it comes to using the internet for good.

    He’s passionate about partnership and about increasing female literacy and he tells the story of The Oracle of Shoes, his new transmedia (yes, it is a thing) project.

    Oh, yes – and – we get to play, too. Let’s walk the talk, peeps.

    It was Emma Goldman that said:

    “If I can’t dance, I’m not coming to your revolution.”

    If I can’t read, I’m not coming either.

    Here’s 30 m. with Steve on the podcast.

    A special thank you to Greg Stuart of Grene Genes Productions for tech support. The beautiful theme music is ‘Before and Again’ composed and recorded by GJR Stuart at Grene Genes Productions, Maple Ridge BC. Those seamless transitions and magic flourishes are all his.

    PS – I forgot to ask Steve about his pajamas. Maybe if enough of us ask, he’ll spill the beans in the comments thread.