• Digital Legacy Plan: A guide to the personal and practical elements of your life before you die.

  • What's Digital Legacy Plan About?

    Digital Legacy Plan tackles tough questions. When you die, what will your digital legacy be? What will be left about you online? How will your online accounts be accessed and handled and how will you be remembered for posterity (given that there’s no real erasing of the Internet)?

    Vicki McLeod and Angela Crocker team up to give us ideas and tips on how to handle our digital legacies. Vicki focuses on the personal aspects of legacy and how the digital age is changing how we grieve and memorialize, while Angela brings it down to earth with the practical, how-to aspects. The authors discuss the scope and scale of our digital footprints, and what that means for the 21st-century estate.
    One hundred years from now, there will be one billion dead people on Facebook. That’s a sobering thought for each of us as we consider our own mortality. And while it can be uncomfortable to talk about death, it’s important to prepare the personal and practical elements of your digital life before death.

    In this guide, co-authors Vicki McLeod and Angela Crocker offer solutions for the practical, social, emotional, and technical aspects of your digital legacy. They include best practices for online memorials, social media and mourning, and digital etiquette in death. Tools and resources are included throughout the book to help your digital estate planning and empower your estate’s executor. From online banking to decades worth of digital family photos, copious creative or intellectual property, or personal history documented on social media, everyone has a widespread digital footprint that tells the story of our lives. How much of that story remains online after we’re gone? Who has access to banking, passwords, and important digital records? What about painful or deeply personal elements of your personal or professional legacy? In life, you have the opportunity to make choices about your digital legacy. If you don’t, you risk your legacy being misinterpreted, lost, or simply becoming digital litter. It’s time for a digital legacy plan.
  • About my Co-Author

    Angela is my friend, colleague and co-author. Together we co-facilitate writing retreats and two Facebook communities (Social Media, Mindfully and Death in the Digital Age). Angela Crocker has been described as a pioneer of ethical social media, a business savvy digital goddess, and an information organizing superhero. A thought leader on online communities, digital decluttering, and content planning, Angela works as an author, speaker, and instructor to help businesses and individuals plan, communicate, and engage through digital media. An accomplished teacher, Angela has created and presented numerous college-level courses, custom workshops, and one-on-one tutorials. She is the author of SCP titles 'Declutter Your Data' and 'The Content Planner'. She has an M.Ed in education technology.

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