• IMG_1257The one where getting overwhelmed gives Vicki a headache…

    Overwhelmed? For many, overwhelm triggers a series of stress responses: anxiety, anger, illness or a feeling of absolute paralysis are common. Fun, right?

    For me, feeling overwhelmed can create migraine headaches, clumsiness, confusion and an irresistible desire to shut down in a dark room, and let the world pass me by. How about you?

    Do you sometimes find yourself too far over the edge, flaked on the couch and unable to take any meaningful action?

    Yep, me too.

    We call that a realm state, and when you are in a realm, it feels like you can’t get out.

    And, basically, you can’t.

    That’s the bad news. The good news is realms are self-releasing, and you will regain your get up and go, when the realm is good and ready to release.

    Meanwhile, you can take a few steps to avoid realming-out.

    • Know and notice your stress points
    • When you notice a stress trigger, move toward what you actually need: slow down.
    • Literally, take a break, rest, and go into stillness. Here’s a prevous post on how.

    Go down gracefully.

    This week’s Everyday Happiness podcast encourages you to zone out to tune in. Just hit that couch consciously.  Maybe with ear buds, listening to the podcast…

    Special thanks to Greg Stuart of Grene Genes Productions for tech support. The beautiful theme music is ‘Before and Again’ composed and recorded by GJR Stuart at Grene Genes Productions, Maple Ridge BC. Those seamless transitions and magic flourishes are all his.

    Tell us how YOU manage stress? Couch potato or chronic cleaner?

    Show Notes:

    Choose Yourself  by James Altucher
    Give Me a Break by Hugh D Culver