• It's time.

    Coaching sessions are delivered in person in Maple Ridge B.C., Canada or via Skype or teleconference anywhere in the world. Yes, you can wear your jammies. Or not.

    Please note, signing up for a coaching package is a commitment. Coaching sessions are pre-paid and non-refundable. 

  • You already know why you are here. You are ready to take positive action, and you suspect a coach can help get you there. You're right. The coaching partnership is a relationship of trust, support, and encouragement. You will be fully supported and encouraged to discover and articulate your deepest dreams and desires for yourself or your business and then take action to turn them into reality.

    Coaching focuses on three dimensions:

    • Deepen awareness.
    • Forward the action.
    • Expand options and choices.

    Based on a co-creative model, we design an alliance that lays a strong foundation so you can move forward in an ongoing way and expand your experience of yourself, your work and your vital relationships. You will increase the range of options available to you to solve problems and engage deeply with work and daily life.

    The pace of change is up to you - *something* is trying to happen in your life and that's why you are here. We take a process-oriented approach that absolutely honours the unfolding your inner wisdom and individual discovery of what truly matters to you, so you can be fully at choice in taking meaningful action.

    We are particularly committed to working with women focused on midlife transitions, related to the challenges and opportunities emerging during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

    Duration and Cost

    • 3 Month Coaching Package - $1875+gst
    • 1 hour coaching - $175.00+gst
    • 6 hours coaching - $1050.00+gst
    • 8 hours coaching - $1400.00+gst

    To get the most out of the coaching process, a two-hour Discovery Session is highly recommended to start.

    Available Start Dates: Ongoing enrolment, flexible.

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  • Our primary relationships are vital to our wellbeing and success. They are also our greatest teachers, and can pose the thorniest challenges. Times of change can create special stress on our relationships. In our practice, we hold that relationships, even troubled ones, contain inherent wisdom that can be accessed through skillful facilitation and conscious, intentional dialogue. We work with couples, family relationships, and corporate teams and systems.

    • Couples & Family Pairs coaching: $200+gst per hour (It is recommended that couples and pairs commit to a minimum of five sessions)
    • Family or Corporate Systems: $250+gst per hour

    Available Start Dates: Ongoing enrolment, flexible.

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  • Maybe you are just starting out, or you've been in business for awhile and you are at a crossroads or looking to set new strategic directions for programs, products or services.

    We've coached and mentored more than 130 businesses in BC in the last two years. Vicki is an award-winning entrepreneur and business trainer with more than two decades of experience.

    We do business with heart and soul, and we know you can, too.

    Taking a heart-centered holistic approach, we'll work with you to identify core business, and personal, strengths and values, challenges and opportunities, and set clear strategic objectives and goals based on this assessment. We're after your Big Why - what is it that you really want from, and in, your business?

    Sessions may include:

    • Identify/clarify current business, personal (or team) vision or core purpose
    • Analysis of current strengths, challenges and opportunities
    • Identify directions for strategic growth based on vision and aspirations
    • Devise realistic immediate, short and long-term goals and measures
    • Assess and understand core personal leadership or management qualities and skills

    Our sessions will give you a clear vision of the ‘Big Picture’ for your business, yourself and/or your team they work. You will understand the strengths, challenges and opportunities available, and map out a simple, strategic business plan to achieve success.

    4 hours - $750.00+gst
    6 hours - $1050.00+gst
    8 hours - $1400.00+gst

    3 month package - $1875.00+gst (includes 2hr Discovery Session and weekly coaching sessions 3X per month, plus coach-on-call)

    Typically, sessions are booked weekly and an initial 2hr Discovery session is recomended. We also offer full-day and half-day intensives.

    We also offer fully customized Marketing, Branding, and Social Media training, coaching and workshops.

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  • NOTE – Signing up for  a coaching package is a commitment. Sessions are pre-paid and nonrefundable. Any changes to your coaching package or session schedule may incur a $150.00 CAD processing fee.