• As an advocate for a healthy relationship with screens and devices, I consider it a bit of a personal mission to find ways to use the Internet to support positive change.

    Vast social media networks and the huge reach of the web allows us to coordinate ideas, promote causes, and enlist aid across time and space.

    Whether our goals are personal, professional or community centred, we can use digital tools to enhance and expand our efforts.

    Online challenges are a perennial favourite for gathering support and creating engagement. They work especially well for business or personal goals, particularly where group accountability and shared insight are useful.

    For the second year in a row, I’m co-hosting the online “From Chaos to Peace Decluttering Challenge” with Maple Ridge decluttering expert and financial specialist Conny Graf.

    The 2019 challenge is a four-week program of simple weekly decluttering and organizing tasks that help participants tackle clutter in four areas: household, paperwork, digital clutter, and personal or social clutter.

    We’ll be using digital tools and the power of the Internet to help participants succeed. During the course of the challenge, registrants will receive a weekly email and regular online prompts offering tips, ideas and encouragement. Membership in a safe and supportive Facebook group will offer accountability and shared celebration of success.

    Our challenge launches on Feb. 1, to take advantage of Valentine’s Day as a theme. One of the underlying principles of this particular challenge is that decluttering is an act of self-love.

    Organized, clean, and efficient living and working spaces create a strong foundation for success in all areas of life. Getting rid of the old, outdated, broken, or useless items that crowd the nooks and crannies of our lives makes room for the fresh and new and brings renewed energy.

    This holds true for mental and social clutter as well. Outdated belief systems, old stories we tell ourselves, relationships that don’t serve — are all ways we hold ourselves back.

    Throughout the four-week challenge, Graf and I will offer professional decluttering and coaching advice based on our specific areas of expertise, and we’ll also share articles, interviews, and resources from other experts.

    There are many different approaches to decluttering, but one of the many areas Graf and I agree on is that incremental progress is a key to success in achieving change.

    “Even if you have only five minutes a day that you spend decluttering, you will notice the difference,” Graf said.

    More than 100 people from all over the world participated in last year’s challenge, and many have remained active in the private Facebook group devoted to continuing to create space, freedom, and peace in our day-to-day lives.

    Everyone is welcome to participate and registration is completely free. To register, sign up online here.