• From Chaos to Peace Challenge 2019

      February is the month of love. Be your own valentine. Give yourself the gift of freedom and peace. Take on four weeks of short and simple decluttering and organizing challenges that will inspire you to create space,  freedom and peace in your day-to-day life. ​Join Conny Graf Lewis and I with the Chaos to Peace Challenge. The clutter clearing challenge will cover 4 areas over 4 weeks. Week 1: Household Clutter Week 2: Business/Paper Clutter Week 3: Digital Clutter Week 4: Clearing Mental and Social Clutter Our first weekly challenge will be

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    • Wisdom from the Inbox

      I’m a bit of a Chris Brogan fangirl. If you don’t know his work, you should. He’s a genius, although he would never say so himself. A New York Times bestselling author of nine books and counting, he’s a journalist, speaker and strategist, and the CEO of Owner Media Group. He’s an eagle-eyed trend-watcher, and one of only a handful of modern marketing gurus I allow regular access to my email. What I like about Brogan’s approach is that, despite his authority, he doesn’t proselytize. He seeks out useful information and presents an analysis and interpretation of it that is

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    • Events



      Digital Legacy Plan: The Book

      A guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die. Available in bookstores and online from Self-Counsel Press. Angela Crocker and I team up to give you ideas and tips on how to deal with your digital legacy.

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      2019 Loon Lake Writing Retreat

      Spend a weekend unlocking your creative writing voice at beautiful Loon Lake in British Columbia, Canada! Participants will spend a weekend filled with creative exploration, guided writing sessions, opportunities to work in groups, and time to explore alone. The 2017 retreat SOLD OUT so reserve your spot now!

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    • Internet is fast-food world of information

      There is something nice about print. In the digital age, we regularly (if not constantly) find ourselves online consuming news, checking in on friends and family, participating in community discourse and accessing data and information. Everything we could possibly want to find out about it is literally at our fingertips. Simply typing the word “search” into Google, gave me more than a

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      A Missed Opportunity

      There is nothing I love quite as much as a summer road trip. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the City of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. A family celebration was planned, so I took a couple of extra days on either end of the event to holiday and play tourist. Naturally, I posted about my journey across the Salish Sea on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Almost immediately, new followers

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      Mindful Digital Habits

      One of the great laments of the digital age is that we spend too much time on screens and devices. I can’t argue with that. For years, I have been advocating that we practice mindful digital habits. This advocacy springs from three sources. Firstly, I have a strong belief that a mindful life is a meaningful one. Taking time to pause and consider our choices and be present in our daily

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      Another kind of YouTube?

      The big news in the world of social media this week is the launch of IGTV, a feature that enables vertical, long-form videos on Instagram. It’s available in both the native Instagram app and a new standalone IGTV app. Until now, in addition to its beautiful and simple photo and video feed, Instagram users have been able to create short 15-second disappearing video in Instagram Stories, but

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      Capturing cultural and social milestones

      A quick Google search of “Father’s Day and social media” results in a long list of the best Father’s Day social media marketing ideas, Father’s Day posts your fans will love, and Twitter and Instagram tips for Father’s Day. It is fair to say that social media feeds on the day will be filled with both organic and paid content to help us celebrate and appreciate fathers and

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      Losing our ability to 'moodle'

      What is our time worth? As I write this, I am sitting on the balcony of our sweet little condo in Scottsdale, Az. It is late May and the white-wing doves are nesting in the willow tree that shades my perch. They flap and coo, their throaty sounds a comforting burble. They are ground feeders and, tails flashing, the cote struts and pecks beneath the tree in the gravel alongside the cement

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