• From Chaos to Peace Challenge 2019

      February is the month of love. Be your own valentine. Give yourself the gift of freedom and peace. Take on four weeks of short and simple decluttering and organizing challenges that will inspire you to create space,  freedom and peace in your day-to-day life. ​Join Conny Graf Lewis and I with the Chaos to Peace Challenge. The clutter clearing challenge will cover 4 areas over 4 weeks. Week 1: Household Clutter Week 2: Business/Paper Clutter Week 3: Digital Clutter Week 4: Clearing Mental and Social Clutter Our first weekly challenge will be

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    • The Heft of a Good Book

      The Heft of a Good Book My husband and I are downsizing and we’re spending the early days of summer sorting and sifting through two decades of household goods. We’re both writers and we have a vast collection of books. We’ve slowed down on new book purchases as we navigate this transition, and I have become extremely grateful for the Kindle app, allowing me to continue to ‘collect’ books in digital form without adding to the scope of physical stuff we have to deal with. The app is free and enables you to read on any device. While I love nothing better than the heft of holding

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      Digital Legacy Plan: The Book

      A guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die, published by Self-Counsel Press (2019). Available in bookstores and internationally on Amazon. Co-authored by Angela Crocker.

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      From Chaos to Peace eBook

      This ebook is is chock full of organizing tips, tasks and tools that will inspire you to create space, freedom and peace in your day-to-day life.
      Written by Vicki McLeod and Conny Graf Lewis.

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    • Resistance is Futile

      Resistance is futile. Or is it? Regardless of how important goals or objectives are, it seems we encounter resistance when we begin to execute them. This appears to be a universal law and I've been wondering if it might be useful in some way. In this context, I have been contemplating the notion of metamorphosis. The way the caterpillar becomes a butterfly is a cycle of dissolving,

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      Give Yourself a Do-Over

      Remember when you were a child and you were learning something new? I can vividly recall hours of practicing 'double-dutch' skipping with my girlhood friends, the uber-athletic Karen and the angelically curly-headed Lois. After class, we smacked those jumpropes against the schoolyard pavement until the custodian chased us away. Skinned knees, ankle socks tangled in the skipping lines, torn

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      The Power of the Ask

      Need a ride to the airport? Ask. There are those who are delighted to be of service. In fact, Monique MacDonald in her work, ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ identifies service as one of something in the neighbourhood of 22 sacred gifts distributed for use to us mere mortals. Not asking for what you need may well deny someone in your life the full expression of their particular gift, if they

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      Don't Take those Unsubscribes Personally

      If you are dancing around in the world of multipreneurship, you are no doubt managing mailing lists, using a database to keep track of leads, and sending out regular newsletters or posts to fans, followers, customers and clients. You're not? Maybe we should talk. (Another time, perhaps.) One of the things that happens with mailing lists is that occasionally people unsubscribe from them.

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      Gratefully Yours, The Past.

      It recently came to my attention that it was World Gratitude Day on September 21. This is one of those cultural milestones that simply wasn't on my radar until now. Missing it this year got me thinking about missing it other years, and that got me thinking about missed opportunities to say thank you in general, and that got me thinking about... (If you're an entrepreneur, you know how this

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      Moonstruck: The Art of Letting Go

      It's a funny thing that receiving so often entails letting go. In 12-Step recovery programs for example, the very first step is surrender. It starts with words like, "Admitted I was powerless…" For alcoholics and addicts, this is key. By the time most get to investigating a recovery program, they've tried nearly everything within their power to overcome the addiction. It is in the

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