• That sound you hear right around your heart? That's the whisper of your inner voice. Time to answer the call. Desire is the fire, and action is the traction. Get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to make meaningful change in your life or business.

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    • Join the Big Fat Yes Club, a joyful, positive, and truly supportive online community. Why? We're exactly the community you've been looking for. Caring, conscious, rigorous. We'll hold your feet to the fire. Lovingly.

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    • What happens to your online assets after you die? How do we deal with death and dying in the 21st century? Digital Legacy Plan is a guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die. Co-authored with Angela Crocker.

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    • How can we be fully human in a technical world? What legacy are we leaving on our social media feeds? Read Vicki's tiny book on how to post, tweet, and like your way to a more meaningful life. Available now. Order Here

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    • Hey Alexa, Subscribe to That Podcast:  You and the Internet of Things

      We live in a time when everything is connected to everything else. From “smart” houses to “smart” cars, from cashless banking to wearable sensors new technological advances are part of what we call the "Internet of Things” and are now integrated with nearly all aspects of daily living. Even if you are not a user of the computer or the internet, you are a user of things. I started to wonder what this means for the average consumer. More importantly, I began to wonder what this means for the average consumer who is not necessarily tech-savvy. It was William Gibson, the

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    • You and the IoT: The Connected Home Ecosystem

      When choosing the devices to control your connected life, one of the main things  to consider is how to identify your family’s in-home needs and preferences. Our homes are our sanctuaries. We want our private environments to be happy, safe, and healthy ones. As with choosing any system, personal preference will play a key role, as will the individual user needs in your home. It's important that these devices enhance your quality of life by offering more convenience, ease or simplification. As discussed in a previous post, there are implications of “going smart” at home in terms of

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      You and the Internet of Things

      My newest book You and the Internet of Things , published by Self-Counsel Press offers a useful guide to managing your networked life from home to health to transportation to travel and entertainment in the ever-changing internet landscape is now available!

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      Digital Legacy Plan: The Book

      A guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die, published by Self-Counsel Press (2019). Available in bookstores across Canada and internationally on Amazon. Filled with ideas and tips on how to deal with your digital legacy. Co-authored by Angela Crocker. 

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    • Shared Emotions Online, How The Internet Broke Me

      Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “I broke the internet,” as crowed by those whose posts go viral. Recently, I had the reverse experience. The internet broke me. I was casually scrolling my Facebook feed one afternoon and read an announcement from one of my Facebook friends about the death of her seven-year-old grandson. As I read N’s very poignant description of her grandson’s last

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      Are you taking your goals seriously?

      © 2017 HA Photography At the start of a new year, it is a common practice to review the past one, think about the future and map out a path to success. Successful people, we are told, are ambitious and driven, fully focused on achieving their goals. Ambitious people are usually perceived as smart, ruthless, striving, and single-minded. The late Lou Tice in his book, Personal Coaching

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      Our annual #DeclutteringisSelfLove Challenge

      February is the month of love. Be your own valentine. Give yourself the gift of freedom and peace. Take on four weeks of short and simple decluttering and organizing challenges that will inspire you to create space, freedom and peace in your day-to-day life. ​Join Conny Graf Lewis and I with our annual #DeclutteringisSelfLove Chaos to Peace Challenge. The clutter clearing

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      An Opportunity to Start Over

      It’s the time of year for reflection. Most of us are well fed and have spent the past few days reconnecting with family and friends and sharing the spirit of the holidays. There is breathing space now and a chance to rest and relax before the start of the new year. So, what does 2020 look like for you? That question can be big or small depending on where you sit. If you are an

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      Quest for Calmness in the Digital Age

      Meditation is a means of transforming the mind through techniques to develop deep concentration, positivity, clarity, and calmness. There are many meditation practices and traditions, and most offer a means of understanding the habits and patterns of the mind and cultivating new, more focused states of being. In our fast-paced world, the quest for calmness is a growing one and the

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      Technology Fatigue is Real

      I have technology fatigue. “Oh no,” I think, sighing, “here we go again…” It’s not the first time I’ve been through this. In recent years, I’ve suffered from Facebook fatigue, Twitter fatigue, smartphone fatigue, and even back in the day, email fatigue. In fact, I’m far enough along this journey that I can remember when the phone rang off the hook and drove me

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