• Three Powerful Techniques for Creating a Year You'll Love

      Hello 2018! Creating a visual representation of your goals and dreams is a powerful technique to support purposeful action. The representation (or anchor) acts as a strong reinforcement of the energy and intention driving your goals and helps you focus on what is truly important to you as the year unfolds. I've used many different techniques over the years, from creating Vision Boards - simple collages on poster board using words and pictures torn or cut from magazines, or more fluid versions using corkboards and tacks (nice because you can easily add or rearrange as changes occur) -

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    • The world can use more love.

      Throughout the month of February, I focus on ways friends, fans and followers can be more loving – to each other and themselves, both online and off. No reason that we can’t raise our online standards. Frankly, the world can use more love, and I want to do my part. Christina Crook, in her book The Joy of Missing Out, Finding Balance in a Wired World, says: “Love has arms.” This simple sentence is important, because what it tells us is that while we can talk about love, or think about love, or post about love, it is love in action that matters. So, how can we take action on

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      Innovation for Emerging Cities Forum , Maple Ridge

      What does your business need to prepare for Industry 4.0? The world of work has changed. I’m emcee’ing an upcoming forum in April hosted by the City of Maple Ridge. Join us!

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      2018 Loon Lake Writing Retreat

      This three-day retreat is a deep dive into writing and creative exploration at beautiful Loon Lake, just outside Maple Ridge BC. Shared accommodation, meals and guided sessions included. The 2017 Writing Retreat SOLD OUT, so reserve now for 2018!

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      #UNTRENDING: A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters

      The tiny book all about how to post, tweet and like your way to a more meaningful life. Get your copy today! 

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    • On Saying No to Shortbread: 5 Tips for a Saner Holiday

      One of my coaching clients recently posted a question in our online group about how to be good to yourself during the especially hectic holiday season. This post has stayed with me, and I have been pondering it while on vacation in beautiful Arizona. This year hubby and I chose to take a month off and have our Christmas holidays away from home and from most of our family and friends. We were

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      Decluttering gives the future self elbow room

      Ease and flow are the hallmarks of a peaceful life. Along with a sense of time abundance, these are vital components of true in-the-bones contentment, or what I call ‘everyday happiness.’ Too much stuff cramps your style. Fussing and fumbling to find things, encountering daily disorganization and clutter creates chaos. This is the antithesis of peace. My intention is to enter 2018 in a

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      We are a competitive tribe.

      We used to compare ourselves to people we knew within our circles of friends and family. A week or so ago, I heard a compelling CBC radio interview with Payam Akhavan. He is a renowned United Nations prosecutor and human rights scholar and his 2017 CBC Massey Lectures, In Search of a Better World: A Human Rights Odyssey, is, to quote the CBC website, ‘a powerful survey of some of the major

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      Keep Your Online Expectations Real.

      The Internet is filled with advice about how, what and when you should post on your social media feeds. Pundits and the Internet Famous offer us a constant barrage of best practices notionally guaranteed to create engagement, raise profile, and sell products and services. For example: post five to 10 times a week on your Facebook page (engaging, thought-provoking, interesting posts), five

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      A line in the digital space

      My family recently experienced a loss. I received the call while I was at my laptop, noodling over topics to write about. The call wasn’t entirely unexpected. We’ve been navigating this territory for several months, knowing the end was drawing near and sadly hoping for a peaceful, painless passing for our dear one. It is a blessing that our secret prayers were answered. Our loved one

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      Saying Yes to Menopause: A Coach's Perspective.

      When people ask about my coaching practice, I usually tell them that I largely coach women in transition. Women who are moving from one job to another, or who are leaving careers to start businesses in midlife, or who are ready to take their existing businesses to the next level, empty-nesters, or the newly-divorced. Women who are restless, longing to actualize their dreams, or who are longing

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