• The Big Fat Yes Retreat

  • vickimcleod-jomo retreat


    Bring clarity, calm and perspective to your busy life.

    You lead a busy, engaged life. You know the value of balance, and that it can be elusive, especially when you are building your dream. This personal retreat is for you if you are absolutely committed to your work, family and yourself, and you are willing to say a big, fat YES to some serious contemplation time. 

    A personal retreat is about saying a big, fat yes.
    Yes to what?

    Clarity -  with a side order of insight.
    Play - outside, in nature, at the lakeside.
    Creativity - by hand, making *aha* moments.  
    Freedom - two days offline. No phone, no laptop, no work, no ‘busy’.
    Time - to breathe, rest, ponder and discover.

    Discover what? YOU.
    And your joy.

    Disconnect to reconnect. Join us at the Big Fat Yes retreat. A two-day mindfulness retreat where we'll take care of everything --- cosy accommodation, delicious food, gentle guided sessions. All you have to do is show up. Say yes to you.

    Sessions will be facilitated by Vicki McLeod, a certified personal and business coach.

    What to look forward to:

    • Gentle guided group sessions to tune into what is trying to happen in your life or work, shared insights and collective wisdom.
    • Playful, creative personal exploration using writing techniques, Soul Collage®, and art journalling. 
    • Pajama time.
    • Plenty of alone time to contemplate, meditate and pray for wisdom – whatever technique you choose is up to you.
    • Some amazing new connections with kindred spirits committed to living their lives in an inspired and authentic way.
    • Truly delicious food and cosy, comfortable accommodation.

    Join us at the beautiful Loon Lake for some serious YOU time. We’ll simply hang out mindfully in a beautiful natural environment, unplug and let the lake and the forest soothe and inspire us.


    September 29th - October 1st 2017. If you are interested in more information and an invitation, please click here.