• Creativity. Play. Connection. Discovery. Inner work. These are just some of the themes we explore in our workskops and retreats. We live in a complex world, and we long for everyday happiness and ordinary joy. That’s where we’ll meet you. Join us

    Bring clarity, calm and perspective to your busy life. We offer amazing mindfulness retreats on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. We go deep into the literal and personal wilderness, and get offline and into ourselves and nature and discover the joy of missing out out, while providing you with an opportunity to focus on what really matters to you.

    Our personal and business retreats are about saying YES to clarity, play, creativity, freedom and time - to breathe, rest, ponder  and discover.

    Discover what? YOU.
    And your joy.
    Disconnect to reconnect. Join us for the deep dive and some serious #JOMO time. 

  • Join me for a two-hour facilitated session where we unfold your dreams for 2018. What is trying to emerge for you?
    What dearly lies on your heart to make, do, or be this year?
    Together, let’s join with other kindred spirits and explore what really matters to you. This session will give you permission to pause, reflect, feel, and choose the one or two key actions that will lead you to a life or business you love. (Yes, you can wear your jammies.) You'll leave the session with the clarity and confidence to create a year based on trusting your inner wisdom and following your heart.
    Once registered, we will send you the details you need to connect with us online from wherever you are.
    Friday January 26, 2018
    2:00PM - 4:00PM PST
    Live on Zoom.

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  • Starting in February, join us for four weeks of short and simple decluttering and organizing challenges that will inspire you to create space, freedom and peace in your day-to-day life. 

    Weekly challenges will cover four areas: Household Clutter, Business/Paperwork, Digital Clutter, Clearing Mental and Social Clutter

    Give yourself the gift of freedom and peace this year. Conny Graf and Vicki are here to help guide you.

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  • We are booked at the beautiful Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Center, just outside Maple Ridge B.C. Canada, August 17 -19, 2018 for the second annual Loo Lake Writing Retreat.

    The 2017 Retreat was sold out! You can reserve your spot for 2018 with a commitment deposit today.

    Part workshop and part retreat, this weekend will provide you with an opportunity to focus on your written work and be fully supported to explore new territory in your writer's voice.

    This facilitated retreat is beneficial for both seasoned and new writers.

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  • Yes, we are on a mission. We believe transformational change begins with individuals. 

    You can only achieve the future you are capable of living, so you need the whole enchilada -- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

    Our workshops give you an opportunity to focus on YOU and connect deeply with your inner truth, wisdom, and longings. Use this connection as a touchstone in your work, your community and with your family. What kinds of fun stuff do we get up to? Writing, Soulcraft Art Workshops, Right Relationship, The Wisdom of Disturbance, to name a few. We’re also happy to customize workshops for groups.

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  • A Sneak Peek into our Soulsetting Workshop