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  • Creativity. Play. Connection. Discovery. Inner work. These are just some of the themes we explore in our workskops and retreats. We live in a complex world, and we long for everyday happiness and ordinary joy. That’s where we’ll meet you. Join us.

  • Bring clarity, calm and perspective to your busy life. We offer amazing mindfulness retreats on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. We go deep into the literal and personal wilderness, and get offline and into ourselves and nature and discover the joy of missing out. Our personal and business retreats are about saying YES to clarity, play, creativity, freedom and time - to breathe, rest, ponder  and discover.

    Discover what? YOU.
    And your joy.
    Disconnect to reconnect. Join us for the deep dive and some serious #JOMO time. 

    Upcoming Retreat: September 2017.


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  • We know goal setting can be a big, fat drag. That’s why we call it ‘Soulsetting’. We believe that for you to get any traction in what you want to achieve in your life or work, it has to really, really matter. Our processes get to the heart of what matters to you.

    Life is full of distraction and demand. In order to create space for new ideas, longings, and creativity, we MUST dive deep and connect with our truest desires. This is soul work. 

    That’s what Soulsetting is all about. Getting to the heart and soul of what matters to you. Shooting from the heart, we never miss the mark. 

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  • A Sneak Peek into our Soulsetting Workshop

  • Yes, we are on a mission. We believe transformational change begins with individuals. 

    You can only achieve the future you are capable of living, so you need the whole enchilada -- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

    Our workshops give you an opportunity to focus on YOU and connect deeply with your inner truth, wisdom, and longings. Use this connection as a touchstone in your work, your community and with your family. What kinds of fun stuff do we get up to? Writing, Soulcraft Art Workshops, Right Relationship, The Wisdom of Disturbance, to name a few. We’re also happy to customize workshops for groups.

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