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    Okay, we're not exactly a real 'club' but when you sign up with us you are invited to join a private Faceboook group. Let's call it the Big Fat Yes Club, because it’s the place your dreams and goals take off, just by saying ‘yes'. The moment we allow others to support, encourage and cheer us on is the moment we let go and trust our wings to carry us. We know the world is rigged in our favour and we can take flight.

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    Maybe you are just starting out in a business?
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    Maybe you have a tough time *selling* yourself and your products?                                                                                                 

    Maybe you have a little dream for a business and you can't figure out how to get started?

    If you believe, in your heart of hearts, that you can run a business in full integrity, coming from the deep center of you, shining your bright inner light, and nurturing your soul at the same time, then *that* is your YES, and you are already one of us!

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