• From Chaos to Peace Challenge 2019

      February is the month of love. Be your own valentine. Give yourself the gift of freedom and peace. Take on four weeks of short and simple decluttering and organizing challenges that will inspire you to create space,  freedom and peace in your day-to-day life. ​Join Conny Graf Lewis and I with the Chaos to Peace Challenge. The clutter clearing challenge will cover 4 areas over 4 weeks. Week 1: Household Clutter Week 2: Business/Paper Clutter Week 3: Digital Clutter Week 4: Clearing Mental and Social Clutter Our first weekly challenge will be

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    • Declutter your Facebook Space

      Facebook Groups are a great tool for building online community, offering value, and encouraging true social media engagement. However, life in Facebook-land means responding to ongoing changes to Facebook’s algorithms, including those that govern groups. As a simple explanation, the algorithm is a process that ranks all available posts that can display on a user’s newsfeed based on how likely it is that the user will have a positive reaction. There are other factors that regulate the algorithm, as well. Over time, Facebook tweaks have limited the free reach of both business pages

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    • Events



      The Chaos to Peace Challenge

      ​Join Conny Graf Lewis and I with the Chaos to Peace Challenge. This clutter clearing challenge has started but you can still join us! We will cover 4 areas over 4 weeks.

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      Digital Legacy Plan: The Book

      A guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die. Angela Crocker and I are teaming up to give you ideas and tips on how to handle your digital legacy.

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      2019 Loon Lake Writing Retreat

      Spend a weekend unlocking your creative writing voice at beautiful Loon Lake in British Columbia, Canada! Participants will spend a weekend filled with creative exploration, guided writing sessions, opportunities to work in groups, and time to explore alone. The 2017 retreat SOLD OUT so reserve your spot now!

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    • 5 Tips for the At-Home Writing Retreat

      If you've ever been on a writing retreat, you know a complicated mix of feelings follow you home. You’ve flexed your writing muscles, cracked open new internal spaces, gained traction on projects or gotten a peek at some new and exciting creative paths. Your neurons are firing, your soul alight, you are tenderly goofy and in love with the world again. Fired up with good intentions you are

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      I am Beautiful and Everybody Loves Me: 3 Ways to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life.

      Recently I decided to revisit affirmation writing as a tool to cope with a bout of the blues. It's a kind of old-school approach, using pen and paper to craft a positive description of a desired state. Generally written in the present declarative "I am...", the idea is that you write the new statement out multiple times over a period of days or weeks, to effectively reprogram an existing negative

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      4 Tips for Winning the Deadline Olympics

      Do you procrastinate and then find yourself up against the deadline clock scrambling to meet an impossibly tight cutoff time? Are you familiar with the heady combination of adrenaline and panic that accompanies narrowly pulling it off (again), and the 'whoosh' of relief at (another) job well, if quickly, done? If so, I have some good news. You might just be at the top of your game. See, I

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      Three Levels of Reality and Why They Matter to You

      When people call you a dreamer, I suggest that you thank them. Now, I know this isn't always easy, because chances are you're not hearing it as a compliment and likely it's being levelled at you as an accusation. But, here's the thing... Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes into the world that isn't first dreamt up by someone, somewhere.  So the world needs dreamers. Big time. The rub is

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      Love Your Work? No More Effing Apologies, Then.

      In writing about the notion of multipreneurship, my aim is to create a conversation around a way of life that tends to be marginalized. What's important about the sentence above are the words way of life. Whether I'm working with small, home-based, and micro-businesses or leaders in organizations and government, there is an ongoing and elusive quest for balance - in the workplace, or between

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      Multipreneurship: Making Economic Poetry

      There you are, innocently travelling through your usual (busy) day following multiple trajectories, and then: *tumble*, you find yourself  falling over something that you weren't expecting and: Aha! Struck by a new brainwave. Multipreneurs have a tendency to unexpectedly trip over inspiration. This happened to me recently as I was moodling on Facebook. I was inspired in an unlikely way by a

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