• Three Powerful Techniques for Creating a Year You'll Love

      Hello 2018! Creating a visual representation of your goals and dreams is a powerful technique to support purposeful action. The representation (or anchor) acts as a strong reinforcement of the energy and intention driving your goals and helps you focus on what is truly important to you as the year unfolds. I've used many different techniques over the years, from creating Vision Boards - simple collages on poster board using words and pictures torn or cut from magazines, or more fluid versions using corkboards and tacks (nice because you can easily add or rearrange as changes occur) -

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    • Please park the anger

      Ah, October. Rainy days, autumn colors, cozy sweaters and fireplaces, and every four years, a plethora of election signs. Offline and online, local politicians are working hard to get their platforms out to voters. The sudden appearance of signs at the roadside and candidates at events rarely attended previously, mailboxes stuffed with brochures and flyers – all this tells us the race for city council and school board is on. Offline and online, local politicians are working hard to get their platforms out to voters. As a keen observer of the digital space, I am always interested in

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      #UNTRENDING: A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters

      The tiny book all about how to post, tweet and like your way to a more meaningful life. Get your copy today! 

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      2019 Loon Lake Writing Retreat

      Spend a weekend unlocking your creative writing voice at beautiful Loon Lake in British Columbia, Canada! Participants will spend a weekend filled with creative exploration, guided writing sessions, opportunities to work in groups, and time to explore alone. The 2017 retreat SOLD OUT so reserve your spot now!

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    • Three Levels of Reality and Why They Matter to You

      When people call you a dreamer, I suggest that you thank them. Now, I know this isn't always easy, because chances are you're not hearing it as a compliment and likely it's being levelled at you as an accusation. But, here's the thing... Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes into the world that isn't first dreamt up by someone, somewhere.  So the world needs dreamers. Big time. The rub is

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      Love Your Work? No More Effing Apologies, Then.

      In writing about the notion of multipreneurship, my aim is to create a conversation around a way of life that tends to be marginalized. What's important about the sentence above are the words way of life. Whether I'm working with small, home-based, and micro-businesses or leaders in organizations and government, there is an ongoing and elusive quest for balance - in the workplace, or between

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      Multipreneurship: Making Economic Poetry

      There you are, innocently travelling through your usual (busy) day following multiple trajectories, and then: *tumble*, you find yourself  falling over something that you weren't expecting and: Aha! Struck by a new brainwave. Multipreneurs have a tendency to unexpectedly trip over inspiration. This happened to me recently as I was moodling on Facebook. I was inspired in an unlikely way by a

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      Resistance is Futile

      Resistance is futile. Or is it? Regardless of how important goals or objectives are, it seems we encounter resistance when we begin to execute them. This appears to be a universal law and I've been wondering if it might be useful in some way. In this context, I have been contemplating the notion of metamorphosis. The way the caterpillar becomes a butterfly is a cycle of dissolving,

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      Give Yourself a Do-Over

      Remember when you were a child and you were learning something new? I can vividly recall hours of practicing 'double-dutch' skipping with my girlhood friends, the uber-athletic Karen and the angelically curly-headed Lois. After class, we smacked those jumpropes against the schoolyard pavement until the custodian chased us away. Skinned knees, ankle socks tangled in the skipping lines, torn

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      The Power of the Ask

      Need a ride to the airport? Ask. There are those who are delighted to be of service. In fact, Monique MacDonald in her work, ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ identifies service as one of something in the neighbourhood of 22 sacred gifts distributed for use to us mere mortals. Not asking for what you need may well deny someone in your life the full expression of their particular gift, if they

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