• Cherries From Long Ago

      Micro-version: Pretend tea is served in tiny cups to children sitting on a perfect lawn. Cherries fall, while frills and ribbons sadly give way to realization. Ants and wasps go about their insect business. My grandfather had a perfect lawn, emerald green and soft like the fur of a cool animal. As children, we were to avoid playing on the lawn. We had the alleyway, and the scrubby grass that

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    • Maintaining Mindfulness in the Digital Fast Lane

      Delighted to introduce you to the first article in my new column #Untrending, published biweekly in the Maple Ridge News. In my recent book, #Untrending – A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters, I talk about social media as a doorway to meaning, contribution, beauty and truth. Tall talk, I know, but aimed at challenging us to take a long view of our online engagements and consider each

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    • Multipreneurs face a hard truth. It goes like this: we are basically as busy as we want to be.We have ideas. Lots of them. Even our ideas have ideas.While, personally, I dig the idea of being an idea generation machine (see, there's an example of an idea having an idea right there), what I know is that there's a way that we become hostages of these ideas. Our FOMO - or  Fear Of Missing Out -

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      It's Foodie Friday and Dishing in Kitchen published an awesome recipe today for a knockout summer appy or lunchtime main that's simple to make, beautiful look at and super-tasty. It's the kind of food I love to eat, make and serve.Get your gazpacho on. Om. The kitchen is where I find my zen. As multipreneurs, it is easy to become overwhelmed, taking multitasking to new levels as we not only manage

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      Remember Old Spice?I'm not talking about the uber-viral transformation of the brand in recent years epitomized by the "Old Spice Guy" suburban-porn style TV commercials (although that was pretty impressive). I'm talking about the way it smelled when men wore it in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The way the Old Spice Old Guys wore it.My grandfather was one of them. Yours was, too, I'll bet. He shaved with

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      Take Your Sweet Thyme

      As I write this, a batch of heirloom tomatoes are slow-roasting in the oven. It is foggy outside and cool. Leaves on the trees are that goldy-green colour they get at this time of year, especially along muddy riverbanks. It's peaceful. The aroma filling the house is heavenly. The tomatoes are roasting with thyme from the garden, olive oil and garlic. Later they'll be transformed into a Roasted

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