• Three Powerful Techniques for Creating a Year You'll Love

      Hello 2018! Creating a visual representation of your goals and dreams is a powerful technique to support purposeful action. The representation (or anchor) acts as a strong reinforcement of the energy and intention driving your goals and helps you focus on what is truly important to you as the year unfolds. I've used many different techniques over the years, from creating Vision Boards - simple collages on poster board using words and pictures torn or cut from magazines, or more fluid versions using corkboards and tacks (nice because you can easily add or rearrange as changes occur) -

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    • Mourning in the digital age

      One of the many things that have changed in the digital age is the way we grieve. Researching our book, Digital Legacy Plan, due out in March 2019, co-author Angela Crocker and I discovered some interesting research by professor Tony Walter, a sociologist from the U.K. who has written and taught widely on the social aspects of death, dying and loss. In his examination of online memorial culture in the context of the history of mourning (New mourners, old mourners: online memorial culture as a chapter in the history of mourning, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 2015), he compares

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    • Events



      Digital Legacy Plan: The Book

      A guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die. Angela Crocker and I are teaming up to give you ideas and tips on how to handle your digital legacy.

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      2019 Loon Lake Writing Retreat

      Spend a weekend unlocking your creative writing voice at beautiful Loon Lake in British Columbia, Canada! Participants will spend a weekend filled with creative exploration, guided writing sessions, opportunities to work in groups, and time to explore alone. The 2017 retreat SOLD OUT so reserve your spot now!

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    • Mindful Digital Habits

      One of the great laments of the digital age is that we spend too much time on screens and devices. I can’t argue with that. For years, I have been advocating that we practice mindful digital habits. This advocacy springs from three sources. Firstly, I have a strong belief that a mindful life is a meaningful one. Taking time to pause and consider our choices and be present in our daily

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      Another kind of YouTube?

      The big news in the world of social media this week is the launch of IGTV, a feature that enables vertical, long-form videos on Instagram. It’s available in both the native Instagram app and a new standalone IGTV app. Until now, in addition to its beautiful and simple photo and video feed, Instagram users have been able to create short 15-second disappearing video in Instagram Stories, but

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      Capturing cultural and social milestones

      A quick Google search of “Father’s Day and social media” results in a long list of the best Father’s Day social media marketing ideas, Father’s Day posts your fans will love, and Twitter and Instagram tips for Father’s Day. It is fair to say that social media feeds on the day will be filled with both organic and paid content to help us celebrate and appreciate fathers and

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      Losing our ability to 'moodle'

      What is our time worth? As I write this, I am sitting on the balcony of our sweet little condo in Scottsdale, Az. It is late May and the white-wing doves are nesting in the willow tree that shades my perch. They flap and coo, their throaty sounds a comforting burble. They are ground feeders and, tails flashing, the cote struts and pecks beneath the tree in the gravel alongside the cement

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      Restoring social’s promise

      I recently had the privilege of sitting on the closing panel at Victoria’s Social Media Camp. The largest conference of its kind in Canada, the event brings together the brightest and best from around the world to exchange ideas, share learning, and offer insight into the ever-changing world of social media and digital marketing. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Restoring

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      Mindful approach, deeply conscious online and off

      Take charge of our data and organize our digital lives. We live in a time of strange tension between the digital and analog worlds. Technology advances at a mind-boggling pace. The constant demands of social media, email and the fast-flowing Internet can be overwhelming, in part because of our drive to connect and socialize. To keep up requires a certain kind of adaptability and an attitude

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