• Saying Yes to Menopause: A Coach's Perspective.

      When people ask about my coaching practice, I usually tell them that I largely coach women in transition. Women who are moving from one job to another, or who are leaving careers to start businesses in midlife, or who are ready to take their existing businesses to the next level, empty-nesters, or the newly-divorced. Women who are restless, longing to actualize their dreams, or who are longing

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    • Maintaining Mindfulness in the Digital Fast Lane

      Delighted to introduce you to the first article in my new column #Untrending, published biweekly in the Maple Ridge News. In my recent book, #Untrending – A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters, I talk about social media as a doorway to meaning, contribution, beauty and truth. Tall talk, I know, but aimed at challenging us to take a long view of our online engagements and consider each

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      This three-day retreat is a deep dive into writing and creative exploration at beautiful Loon Lake, just outside Maple Ridge BC. Shared accommodation, meals and guided sessions included. The 2017 Writing Retreat SOLD OUT, so reserve now for 2018!

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    • Butterflies and Bouncing Balls

      Micro-Version: A traveler's tale in which a windy lake and winding trails conjure up the past. Follow we must. Creaky bellmen carry the suitcases. Aging ferns and mosses keep guilty secrets, and butterflies jauntily ignore all. Long Version: She remembers a time she came here almost thirty years ago when the freshness of recovery was still upon her. The mission was to complete

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      The Holiness of Strawberries

      Micro-Version: A church barges its way across the Fraser River, ghosts intact, while the Ladies Guild dines on strawberries and cream. A yogi appears, along with a swallow. Enlightenment is elusive. Still, a seeker seeks. Long-form version: There is a historic church in the town I live in. It is the oldest wooden church in British Columbia and it is here where we set our scene. The

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      Look for Me in the Springtime, I'll See You in the Fall.

      Micro-version: Teenagers crown themselves in the glory of the seasons, while we time travel to cheer on clumsy schoolgirls. The month of June is celebrated. Awards are given, friendships are sealed, and kindness makes an appearance in a 1960's kitchen. The long version (get comfortable). I have decided to lay claim to the month of June. It is a lush, green month, the month of weddings

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      Homeless Where The Heart Is

      Micro-Version: It is June in Maple Ridge B.C. We meet the in-between people, past and present. Trees and opinions abound, but compassion is elusive. A racoon makes a cameo appearance. In June, Maple Ridge B.C. is a soft place. The leaves on the maple trees come into their fullness. The dogwoods and chestnuts are blooming. The Fraser River swells as the freshet looms. It is an in-between

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      In the Peony Garden

      Micro-version: Fidgety Muses awaken a sleeping child, while plucked peonies reveal the secrets of selfhood. Writers and poets take the credit. At 3:00 AM this story comes to me, travelling as stories do, on the wings of restless muses up all night, fretting. Some writers have Muses as winged inspiration, angelic, full of gusto and verve. Not mine. Mine is a worrier, a nag. She likes to

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      Summer Lawns and Longings

      Micro-version: Present backyards and past front lawns intersect, leading to personal struggle and profoundly simple outcomes. A tale of ordinary grief, where mice make off with the goods. This morning, early, I stepped out into the cool garden. We have scattered new grass seed and I decided to water. As the spray covered the ground I was reminded of my father. He was a lawn-proud man, and

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