• Love in a Blade of Grass

      Micro-version: A case of spring fever, where a human and herbaceous cross-species love affair blooms, while unwritten history whispers on the wind. Nothing much else happens. At last, the season has turned and the leaves shout greenly from the trees. Rhododendrons and lilacs riot, and dandelions burst and bob in grassy places, lawns or fields indiscriminately. They do not care one way or

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    • Maintaining Mindfulness in the Digital Fast Lane

      Delighted to introduce you to the first article in my new column #Untrending, published biweekly in the Maple Ridge News. In my recent book, #Untrending – A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters, I talk about social media as a doorway to meaning, contribution, beauty and truth. Tall talk, I know, but aimed at challenging us to take a long view of our online engagements and consider each

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