• Being Human in an Emoticon World

      A few days ago, I was indulging in my usual pre-dinner habit of checking my Facebook notifications and scrolling through my feed. It was a pretty typical day. I checked in with an online group I manage, and a dear member had posted a shocked plea for love and light. A teenaged neighbour had taken her own life in the backyard earlier that day. My friend heard the mother cry out. It’s

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    • Maintaining Mindfulness in the Digital Fast Lane

      Delighted to introduce you to the first article in my new column #Untrending, published biweekly in the Maple Ridge News. In my recent book, #Untrending – A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters, I talk about social media as a doorway to meaning, contribution, beauty and truth. Tall talk, I know, but aimed at challenging us to take a long view of our online engagements and consider each

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