• Commitment: Doing What you Say You’re Going to Do

      “Nothing is easier than saying words. Nothing is harder than living them day after day.”– Arthur Gordon Guest post by Kathy Irwin. Put your hand up with me if you’ve ever made a commitment to yourself to start exercising regularly or amend your diet in some way, only to find yourself back in your old familiar habits a week or two later. You know, those times that it becomes

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    • A Little Story About a Big Fat Yes

      For years friends and colleagues told me I should do a 'program' for conscious businesses. I mean, for years. Long before every second person was a coach, or guru, or master, people in my life tried to call forth a certain kind of leadership in me. Don't get me wrong, I got it - what they were driving at - and in my brain it made perfect sense, but in my heart -- hmmm -- I just wasn't sure.

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      On Stage at Digital.Camp

      Vicki will be talking trends and teaching #UNTRENDING at Digital.Camp. Make your social media matter. Register today!




      Writing for the Soul

      A favourite! A day long workshop on freeing your inner writer.

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      Vicki on the TEDx stage! 'Childless by Choice, A Powerful Act of Fullfillment'. The 'power' is yours. Tickets available September 27 9:00am

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