• Do You Feel Angels?

      Do you feel angels? People often speak of their spirit guides and the abounding loving energies that surround, nurture, and direct them. Hearing about them, I imagine these guides as a kind of invisible entourage - robed figures of light, whispering and nudging, prodding their charges along, gently sweeping aside obstacles and working a kind of supernatural magic-by-proxy. At times I

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    • Rolling Along Toward Wholeness

      Maslow’s 1943 theory on the hierarchy of needs has informed my work for decades (not since the 40’s of course :), but at least since the 80s ). Essentially, the theory suggests that the most basic level of human needs must be met before an individual will be motivated to meet higher or more secondary needs. Makes sense, right? If you are struggling to pay your rent or put food on the table,

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